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Rapidly rising standard of living, increased penetration of internet and credit cards along with an extremely busy lifestyle has resulted in burgeoning E-Commerce market. In a growing economy like India, E-Commerce is being recognized and accepted warmly and is growing at an unimaginable pace. Many vendors are open to the idea of having an online store, as it is more penetrative into the market and more profitable, but think twice as it involves extensive technical knowledge and elaborate maintenance to create and manage an online portal.

SpiceBay is an innovative E-Commerce platform that is pre-built and forms a collaborative platform for vendors, market leader and consumers. It is aimed at no-fuss creation of online retailing shops with zero technical work required to set up and run an e-store. It is a favorable and profitable experience for vendors and a shopping paradise for consumers. SpiceBay is also an impressive arena where vendors could collaborate with market leaders (like how dealers/franchises do) and retail their products along with a showcase of their own products for a wide option of choices.

Attractions of SpiceBay

Fully comprehensive Service

No handling of hardware of technical help or maintenance staff required. Everything from creation to integration to maintenance is taken care of.

Customizable according to requirement

Ability to tailor-make your e-shop just the way you like it.

Administer Backend Process

Option to control entire SCM operations related to products, taxation, adding promotional options, business insights through reports and many more to aid with retailing.

Payment Gateway

A secure payment gateway ensures appropriate transaction of funds. It has credit card, debit card and net-banking payment options.

Business Insights

All types of ledgers, item and stock related reports, customer information and more information that is important to attaining knowledge on impending processes.


Ability to set up and trigger alerts based on stock availability, purchase or others crucial aspects. Alerts are through medium of SMS, Email or application popup to bring quick notice and speedy action.

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