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Employees are the heart of an organization, where this heart focuses on two major functions work dedication and discipline. The discipline of an Employee is based mainly in promptness on attendance. Hence, the attendance plays a vital role in an employee's appraisal; consequently, an accurate generation of report is highly esteemed. Thus, biometric attendance device and payroll software are found more essential in the current scenario. This coordination assists the Human Resource department to lead in a systematic manner.

In this growing world, time and tide waits for none. Biometric attendance device is a great performer of time consumption. After the massive survey conducted by our professionals they were able to analyze the necessity of the Biometric attendance device and its features. Bio-eZone is an accurate device with perfect software to customize the attendance of an organization.

A product designed with advanced software that contains special feature, which is designed in a unique method as the user can be from any industry like Manufacturing, Automobile, IT, construction, hospitals, Hotels, Institutional and so on. Bio eZone aid to manage the employee's attendance and salary process as per the company norms. It also calculates total work time, overtime, late in, early out, tours/on duty, and leaves for each employee as personalized in the company convention.

Bio-eZone rides Human resource burden by its professional features such as Pay Slip, Employee Records, Online Migration, Multiple User, Import and Export of reports, User-friendly Attendance Notification, Grade, and Salary Settings and so on. The core feature of Auto E-Mail of Pay Slip, Auto SMS and E-Mail alert of in and out time, Graphical report ensures to maintain one of the major task in the attendance. It is quite special in its features as it gives the value for your money. Bio-eZone Software ensures to identify and assist the organization to pluck the corrupted and to crown the hard and dedicative employees. Bio e- Zone software is the best user friendly that can ever been seen which is Unique of its kind.

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