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Improved real-time operations

Logistics and transportation industry require information on the go and persistent tracking. Software solutions for this industry require to not only understand its limitations and security concerns, but its increasing network capacity and supply chain visibility.

Maxpro pitches in to solve your most prominent requirements of managing outbound logistics (OBL), analytics for logistics, asset tracking, real-time visibility of transportation, and planning & routing of vehicles. Our team of experts analyse and provide all-inclusive solutions that are best suited for your business.

We offer seamless integration of on-road and off-road data and synchronize all into analytics and reports to help you improve your productivity and efficiency.

We believe that as much as third-party logistics (3PL), port based logistics and specialized services are important, managing business imperatives and regulatory changes in real-time are equally important.

Our solutions cover the following and more

  • upply Chain Management: 360 degree process flow management implemented to reduce cost.
  • Purchase Management: Managing purchasing process and end-to-end documentation.
  • Material Management: Sourcing and managing material.
  • Warehouse Management: Managing warehouse processes from start to end.
  • Logistics Monitoring: Managing cargo movement and track it effectively.

Our solutions are beneficial in many ways

  • Improved transport operations
  • Improved visibility of asset location and maintenance
  • Faster tracking
  • Improved visibility to cost requirements and coordination
  • Improved safety and regulatory compliance
  • Increased productivity and cost-effectiveness
  • Increased profits

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