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Project implementation at your convenience

It is always an advantage when the project team is right at the customer’s premise, executing the project by closely coordinating with the customer’s business team. The convenience of onsite development is that the support you need is right at your office when you need it.

Maxpro’s onsite development services are very client-focussed and strategically executed. Onsite projects are usually opted when there are specialized requirements that need to be addressed at a different location.

We recommend the onsite development for instances such as when;

  • The scope is ambiguous and might change completely
  • The project has a stringent timeframe
  • The project information is strictly confidential. For example, Government data or banking information.

Our onsite development model is flexible to adapt to various requirements such as enhancing the existing development or QA teams, forming a completely new project team, assigning managers and coordinators, and more.

Maxpro addresses customer needs covering areas such as analysis, planning, designing, coding, testing, and maintenance.

  • Analysis: Project scope analysis is key to any project; but mandatory for an onsite project. A thorough analysis of all requirements including design, manpower, timelines, and cost are well-defined before starting off. This phase forms a base for the entire project thereby eliminating excessive cost of stretched deadlines.
  • Planning: The technical team then plans the project execution modes and methods. They freeze on the technology to be used, the platform, and the team.
  • Designing and coding: By the time we arrive at this phase, there project takes shape and there’s more interaction with the customers to have the design and code right the first time.
  • Quality assurance: While the project is being worked on, testing is carried out in phases, to ensure quick completion. Bugs are reported and issues are closed simultaneously with close supervision from the customers.
  • Maintenance: Our work isn’t complete as yet even after the project is complete. We extend our support by maintaining the application. A dedicated team of resources maintain the application and provide support at any required time.

Onsite development is required by few customers, and has unique advantages:

  • Project team works at the customer’s premise
  • Resources are specialized and dedicated specially to that project
  • Scope for knowledge sharing between customer’s team and project team
  • Easy communication
  • Maintains confidentiality and security on information
  • Cost-effective and faster delivery

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