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Seamless buying and selling

E-commerce is no longer a new phenomenon. It’s been there and will remain for as long as we buy. Consumers are spoilt for choice in terms of brands and products; while e-commerce websites make it all the more easier for them buy in a jiffy.

This market online has grown by leaps and bounds and is to grow further with the advancement of technology and smarter buyers. Maxpro delivers innovative and comprehensive e-commerce solutions that delight customers and their customers in turn.

E-commerce itself aims at keeping the shoppers interested in finding the best services or products, and then make the online transaction in a secure and easy manner, and finally deliver those products in a convenient way.

Maxpro delivers a seamless and rich buying experience by meeting all the increasingly complex business requirements.

Maxpro is adept at offering onsite development and support for e-commerce as well as offshore IT solution according to requirement.

  • Appealing banners, creative content & compelling images
  • Easy to search and place products
  • Thoughtful categorization
  • Efficient shopping cart processing
  • Scalable database to store data
  • Safe handling of data and secure encrypted transactions
  • Built-in marketing environment for promotions like discounts coupons etc
  • SEO and traffic related analytics
  • Overall rich online experience to shop

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated server response
  • Automatic failover to secondary data center
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) script applied to all web pages
  • Secure payment transactions done through secure SSL encryption
  • Suited for shopping trends of all ages with little more emphasis on the decision makers
  • 100% customizable and cost-effective

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